Freelance Writing Samples

Jon McGoran is available for freelance writing and editing, ghostwriting, and developmental editing and coaching for authors. Below are links to a selection of writing samples. For more information, contact Jon McGoran via email or through the form on his contact page.

Risk & Insurance Magazine

Hacking the Food Supply
Cyber exposure is a growing concern for farms and agribusiness companies of all sizes.

A Bitter Pill
A probe of the nutritional supplement industry may be costly for insurers as well as brand reputations.

High Net Worth’s Unique Cyber Challenges
Emerging cyber risk is a challenge for everyone these days, but for high net worth individuals and families, the challenges can be even greater.

Severed Communications
Businesses face risks from undersea data cable vulnerabilities..

Solar’s Risk Challenges
New solar power technology adds clean energy opportunities as well as daunting risk challenges.

Liberty! Fraternity! Liability!
Universities, fraternities and their local chapters, and individuals may face liability for sexual assault, alcohol abuse or other actions.

Canary Compliance Blog

With Budget Cuts Coming, More State DEPs Turn to Online UST Compliance Reporting

EPA Compliance Settlements Mandate Automated UST Monitoring Systems

Grid magazine

Still Waters
Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug changes the way we think about water

The Rice Harvest
Geechee Girl cuisine is both Lowcountry and local

Shored Up
Local documentarian looks at climate change, rising sea levels and coastal development in the Age of Superstorm Sandy

Cooperative Grocer Magazine

A Community of Co-ops Grows in Philly

Intensive Learning and Gardening at Co-op’s Urban Farm

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Blog

A Food Co-op Does Much More than Sell Food