Body Trace

Body Trace

Body Trace

The first book in the D. H. Dublin CSU series from Penguin Book, Body Trace begins with rookie forensic tech Madison Cross’s first day on the job. She is fresh out of med school and newly returned to Philadelphia, but she gets a chance to make her mark when everyone – including the police – is quick to write off the deaths of two college girls as drug overdoses. For Madison, the evidence at the crime scene just doesn’t add up.

Relying on her instincts, Madison embarks on an investigation that takes her from a pristine Ivy League campus to the seediest parts of town. And she must listen to what the bodies tell her-because unlike the living, the dead never lie.

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Praise for Body Trace

In this brisk, tight novel about the crime scene unit of the Philadelphia Police Department, debut author Dublin[’s] …detailed approach and lively characters make an immersive read.
~ Publishers Weekly

If there’s an upside to living in a city with a triple-digit murder rate, it’s that our violent town has captured the imaginations of some very fine novelists… Enter D.H. Dublin, the newest of the blood bards.
~ Philadelphia Weekly

D. H. Dublin writes a fascinating novel, well worth your time and more suited to a hardback cover than the paper one in which it appears.

McGoran has a clean, brisk writing style with lively characters and wonderful details.
~ Chestnut Hill Local

I love this book! It’s a fast and engaging read, and I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

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