Blood Poison

Blood Poison

Blood Poison

The second book in D. H. Dublin’s Philadelphia-based forensic crime series from Penguin Books, Blood Poison follows rookie forensics technician Madison Cross as she continues to learn the ropes while investigating the death of Derek Grant, an environmentalist and health nut whose sudden death by natural causes surprises everyone — until it turns out there was nothing natural about it. As Madison is drawn into the web of Grant’s perverse family, she realizes to her horror, that the killer is honing in on her.

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Praise for Blood Poison

D.H. Dublin’s C.S.U. Investigation series is fresh, fast-paced and sure to grab readers and hold them tight until the end… Blood Poison is gripping, and offers up unique twists and characters that make you want to read more.
~ Pop Syndicate

A fascinating look at how CSU works …This book takes off at mach speed and accelerates into light speed, giving the audience a fantastic thrill ride.
~ Midwest Book Review

In the grand tradition of forensic story telling… The plot is enormous. Yet as tightly knit as a sweater. It weaves one thread at a time. D.H. Dublin brings to his new book an expert’s grasp of a good crime novel and a gift for understanding human character. Blood Poison is riveting.
~ I Love a Mystery Newsletter

The science is fascinating… Madison and her city, Philadelphia, are portrayed with a deft touch… [An] interesting story well told with fascinating things to learn about science.
~ Armchair Reviews

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