Booklist Calls Spliced “suspenseful and scary…timely [and] thought-provoking”

Booklist gave Spliced an excellent review, calling it “suspenseful and scary…timely [and] thought-provoking” and adding that “McGoran doesn’t skimp on the action.”

Here is the review in its entirety:

In this near-future political thriller, America has weathered cyberwars, flu outbreaks, energy shortages, and extreme weather. Only the rich have things like mobile phones, Internet implants, and fashionable gene modifications. Philadelphia teen Jimi is worried for her best friend, Del, who desperately wants to become a chimera. Only the wealthy can safely and legally undergo this procedure, which entails splicing one’s DNA with an animal’s; everyone else sees a back-alley geneticist, or “genie.” Jimi knows this will ruin Del’s future, especially once Humans for Humanity passes state legislation to declare chimeras nonpersons. Still, Del goes through with it, but when he disappears shortly after, Jimi recruits a few friendly chimeras to help find him. McGoran extrapolates a believable, all-too-relevant future, but he wisely focuses on Jimi’s transformation from someone aware of but untouched by discrimination into a willing activist with an emotional connection. McGoran doesn’t skimp on the action, either, which is suspenseful and scary though precipitated by a predictable third-act development. This is a timely, thought-provoking start to a probable series.


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