Dust Up Cover Reveal


Dust Up, coming April 2016

Dust Up, coming April 2016

We just had a cover reveal for Dust Up, the sequel to Drift and Deadout in the Doyle Carrick series, coming out next April. Big thanks to Paste Magazine and Eric Smith for the very cool piece they ran on it.

As a writer there is something very special about book covers. It means the book is real — as a book, not just a manuscript. It’s also the part of the publishing process most removed from what we as authors do. It is pictures instead of words. Words are easy (except for when they are excruciating). Pictures are… well, I don’t know what the hell they are. Pictures are mysterious, something only other people can do well.

I’ve been extremely fortunate with my Doyle Carrick books. My publisher, Tor/Forge, has been wonderful about soliciting input and accepting feedback about the covers, and I think covers are among the many things Tor/Forge does extremely well.

I’m particularly delighted that all three have been designed by the remarkably talented Daniel Cullen and his design studio, Page & Jacket. I love what he has brought to my books — each one quite distinct but reflective of the series. I’ve also become a fan of his work (and not just his work on my work) through his amazing gallery, where you can see many of his covers. Even more fascinating, Daniel shares his cutting room floor, so if you click on the covers, you can see the versions that didn’t make the cut, and see some of the thinking that went into the finished product, and some of the thoughts that were left by the wayside.

If you have a moment, I urge you to check it out. And if you’re looking for a designer to do your cover art, I think Daniel Cullen is one of the best.

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